Hyping Vs Branding – Stop Hyping And Start Branding


Welcome to another exciting blog post. In today’s article, I will be sharing important reasons why you might be hyping yourself or your business thinking you are branding and also why you should stop hyping and start branding.


Hyping Vs Branding

A lot of persons especially small business owners always associate the word hyping with branding… they believe that the best way to brand themselves or their small business is through hyping…

Before I proceed further… let me briefly explain the meaning of the two terms and also to try to keep the two definitions as close as possible.


What is Hyping?

Hyping basically means to create perception by promoting or advertising a person, business or product intensively mainly through exaggeration.


What is Branding?

Branding is basically the process of creating perception by promoting or advertising a person, business or product mainly through having a consistent theme.

Judging from the two definitions, you can clearly see that I really tried to keep them as close as possible so you can see the relationship between the two and see reasons why you might be hyping and thinking you are branding…


What are the similarities between the two?

If you noticed, the both strive to create a perception in the minds of people and the both rely on promotion and advertising as well.


So what exactly is the difference between the two?

As you can see, the both are very similar to each other… in fact the only word that clearly makes hyping visually different from branding is the word “EXAGGERATION”…

While in branding, there’s nothing like exaggeration but the keywords are “PROCESS and CONSISTENT THEME”.


This shows that branding is a process and doesn’t happen overnight, but it takes time and consistency.

People that are into hyping want to bypass the process aspect to try to create immediate perception through exaggeration.

They focus all their time, energy and resources trying to create perception through hyping (perception through exaggeration) instead of the actual branding process which is to focus on who you are, having a unique identity and being consistent


There are a lot of disadvantages that come with hyping that a lot of people do not know about…

For example, when things don’t turn out well or go as planned, you see people who were focusing their time on hyping not being able to easily recover due to their reliance on exaggeration…


That’s is why you see some media celebrities going on exile simply because they couldn’t keep up with the standards they have created for themselves.

Same goes for small business owners who hype their business and portray their business as big brands thinking it will make customers flood in… while in reality, it is not always the case, in fact, it is usually the exact opposite.


Another big disadvantage of hyping is that it makes going back to the basics extremely difficult when things don’t go as planned or aren’t going smoothly simple because of the excessive reliance on exaggeration… that is why you see some businesses folding up.


But that’s not all… if you focus on hyping (exaggeration), there’s usually no room for trial and error because of fear of messing things up…

Whereas, when you focus on branding (having a consistent theme), you can do lots of trials and errors until you find that one area you are most comfortable with and be consistent with it…

Even if things don’t work out as planned or are not going smoothly, you can still go back to the basics and push on.


As a young person, I used to have this mindset that the only way to create good perception around a business is to hype it… until I started having passion for logo and visual identity designs in general and that led me to further research, learn and understand that branding is a process and it is how people perceive you or your business.


A brand cannot be created instantly, in fact, you can’t wake up one day and say you want to create a brand…

You go out there and meet some persons who call themselves brand designers and they bombard you with a bunch of mockups, business cards, letterheads, color codes, font styles, and say they have branded your business… You pay and go home happy that you have created a brand…


Don’t get it wrong… having a great and effective logo, business card, letterhead, color identity (visual identity designs), are still part of the branding process, but you just have to be consistent for people to start perceiving you as a brand.

There are other aspects aside having a visual identity – you must consider when it comes to branding which I covered in my previous post titled the 7 core brand identity elements you should never neglect to help you make more sales.


Having understood the other elements in the branding process, you should also remember that the whole branding process all starts with what your target customers see… which is where visual identity designs come into play… your logo (very important), using a specific color, your website design and color theme, business card, letterhead, in fact, everything visual about your business… looking at the above sentence, you can see that I emphasized the importance of logo when it comes to branding and having a great visual identity. That said, there are some logo design mistakes a lot of small business owners make that you need to avoid in order to have a great and effective logo.


If your business does not have a visual identity, your target customers will not have a visual representation of your business which will make it difficult for you to create perception and for them to perceive your business in a certain way.

But remember… no amount of visual identity in this entire universe will matter if you are not consistent… you have to have an identity and be consistent with it for the branding process to be effective.


So what am I trying to say in essence?

The overall essence of this article is that, to create a successful business, the main focus should not be on hype but rather, the main focus should be on how you present your business to your target customers.

Always remember that the way you present your business to your target customers, that’s the same way they will perceive it.



And that’s a wrap…

I hope you got a lot of value from this content, don’t forget to stay connected for more quality contents to help you on your journey to achieving success.


I am C. Nwoye, a next-generation digital content creator focusing on logo/visual identity designs and visual effects. My love for visual identity designs and digital content creation in general led me to startup Fusionx Planet, to help small business owners and people who want to start their own business achieve maximum success through our digital contents. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge and experiences… sharing everything that I’ve learnt in the past and everything that I will learn and discover to help you on your journey to achieving success. So I’ll like you to stick with me throughout this journey as we do everything possible to achieve our goals. You can also connect with me by checking out the social media icons.

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