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7-Core Brand Identity Elements You Should Never Neglect to Increase Your Sales


Welcome to our second blog post and the continuation of my previous post about the Super Power of Brand Identity and How it Can Help You Make More Sales.

The previous post was mostly about the general understanding of brand identity and how it can greatly improve the way people perceive your business and help boost your sales.

In this post… I’ll be sharing the 7-core brand identity elements you should never neglect if you want to move your business to the next level and increase sales of your products or services.


  1. Your Business logo
  2. The colors of your business
  3. How you offer your products/services
  4. Quality of your products/services
  5. Your website
  6. Your marketing strategy
  7. Your advertising style


Ok… now that I’ve listed out the various core elements you should never take for granted if you want to brand your already existing small business and increase the sales of your products or services… it is time to go more into details and explain the various core elements…



1. Your Business Logo

The logo of your business is as important as the business itself, so you should always pay great attention to how your logo looks and how it relates to your business visually, creatively or technically.

Let me use 3 popularly known brands (Microsoft Windows, Apple, and Amazon) to properly explain how a logo can portray a business visually, creatively or technically.

But before I proceed further, let me briefly explain what I mean by a logo portraying a business visually, creatively or technically…




A logo that visually portrays a business: simply means a logo that has elements of real-world objects or terms in the design to represent the business based on the name of the business. A good example is the Microsoft windows logo which is a simple design of a window to represent the name WINDOWS… The Apple logo is also an example, where the designer uses an apple design to represent the name APPLE etc… this type of logos make it easy for people to easily relate to them…

A logo that technically portrays a business – simply means a logo that has some hidden meaning in them and the hidden meaning portrays the business. These type of logo design is not easily decoded by everyone but can be decoded by anyone that is really into visual identity design and understands every aspect involved in creating a great and effective logo. FedEx logo, Apple logo, Toyota logo are typical examples of a technical logo.

A creative logo simply means – a logo that has some level of creativity in them, and also the use of shapes and design to portray a business without making it obvious. This type of logo can be decoded by anyone that pays great attention to the logo. Amazon logo is a typical example of a creative logo.

OK… now that I’ve gotten that quick explanation aside… let me take a few moments to expose some of the hidden meaning in these top companies logo.

For Microsoft windows, their logo clearly represents a window, like the name of the company Microsoft Windows, the logo designer made use of a window design to portray the company based on the name as it relates to the name in the real world.


The next is Apple, as you know, the Apple logo is a bitten apple. A lot of people don’t understand why the designer chose to create a bitten apple as the logo… now let me explain…

The designer combined both the visual and technical aspects in logo design to create the Apple logo… the apple itself represents the name of the business which is Apple… the bitten part of the apple represents the word bite which sounds like byte…

As we all know, a byte is a unit of a computer information. Apple are known for creating computer operating system, software and other computer programs… and the word byte fully represents the Apple company… Bite and byte… you get it?

So the designer really had to think deeply to come up with that genius idea.


The final one is Amazon… the Amazon logo is the word Amazon with a curved arrow going from the letter A to Z… the arrow moving from A to Z represents a smile and also represents Amazon delivery which is from point A to point Z anywhere in the world… really creative.


I decided to explain these concepts so you can understand better and know which one you feel your business needs, though it is in the hands of the logo designer (visual identity designer)…

That is why it is good to fall into the hands of someone that understands every aspect of logo design and how to create a great and effective logo.

Most designers just create logos based on their artistic skills… and for me, creating a great and effective logo is far more than just being an artist or a logo designer.

If your business has a great and effective logo, it will easily stick to the minds of your target customers which makes them remember your business when and where ever they see your logo and that can really increase your sales.

A customer might not buy your product or service at first due to some reasons… maybe the customer saw your advert on Facebook but didn’t have enough money to purchase immediately…

After some weeks, he/she may have forgotten about your business… now, the customer might come across your logo anywhere and remember that he/she needs your product or service… and decides to purchase at that particular time… that’s the importance of having a logo that sticks in the minds of your target customers.

The main point is that… you have to make sure your logo is good enough and that it can easily stick to the minds of your target customers which can greatly increase your sales.



2. The Color(s) of Your Business

Just like your business logo, your business needs to have a color identity. Look at the most popular brands, they all have specific color or colors that represent the brand or business.

Having specific color(s) or a main color that represents your business helps add to the visual identity of your business and also help make your business stick more on the minds of your target customers because they will tend to remember your business whenever they come across that specific color(s).

When choosing the right color identity for your business, it is important to note that, there are certain color(s) that don’t work for certain type of businesses.

When making a decision for the type of color you want to be associated with your business, you have to understand that it is not all about what looks good… but what works and is effective.

You have to fully understand your business objectives and your target customers.

Some colors work well for certain type of business while some colors don’t.

For example, if your business is focused on creating products for children below the ages of 3 years, then bright colors like pink, light purple, orange, fresh green, and lots of colorful combination will appeal more to them and parents will more likely be forced to listen to their children’s request and make purchase than adult colors like black, gold, bronze, deep blue etc which may not appeal to the child or children…

Ok… That’s a bit broad… let me narrow down the target customers…

Let’s assume your business is focused on selling quality products to only girls within the ages of 7 – 15 years, then it will be better to use colors that will more likely appeal to girls within that age bracket.

Colors like purple and pink will work better since the two colors are more associated with girls than most colors.

Also, understanding your business objectives and different color meanings will help you make the correct decision on the right color(s) to choose for your business…

Each color can have different emotional representations… for example, black can represent darkness, evil… but also represents prestige, power, uncertainty…

Red can represent passion, violence, anger…

Blue can represent confidence, calmness, stability…

Orange can represent happiness, fun, positivity…

Green can represent nature, freshness, money…

Pink can represent childhood, romance, friendly…

Purple can represent prestige, luxury, power…

Having to know what each color emotionally represents will help you make the correct decision for your business.



3. How You Offer Your Product(s) or Service(s)

The way you offer your product(s) or service(s) is also very important as the other brand identity elements.

You need to figure out the best and unique way to offer your products or services to your target customers so as to put you ahead of your competitors in the minds of your target customers…

By doing so, your customers will always remember how you offered your products or services to them and if they find it appealing, then they will surely bring out their wallets and pay for whatever product(s) or service(s) you are offering to them and become recurring customers so as to have the same experience again.



4. Quality of Your Products or Services

The quality of your products or services matters a lot when it comes to making more sales and running a successful business and it should always be at the back of your mind.

Everyone needs a quality product or service and value for their hard earned money… so you should always endeavor to focus your attention on the quality of the product(s) or service(s) you are offering your target customers.

If your target customers perceive your product as high quality, it will encourage them to want to bring out their wallet and take the necessary action you want them to take which is to purchase.

Like I said earlier… who doesn’t like quality?… of course everyone loves quality, even people who don’t have money still love quality.

So your business should always focus on offering the best quality product(s) or service(s) to your target customers… that way, you will be placed above your competitors in their minds and it will greatly help you make more sales.



5. Your Website

No matter the type of business you are into, you need a website for it… your website is the web address and online presence of your business where your target customers and prospects can see, know and like your business before they can start trusting you to buy from you.

That is why you need to focus on having a great looking website for your business because a great looking website will help attract more visitors which can be converted into buyers.

Your website should have an identity by using specific color scheme, font(s), layout and also be in sync with your business visual identity so as to have the consistency that is needed for your business stick to the minds of your target customers.

Just like the Fusionx Planet website, we made use of 3 main colors (gold, grey, and off-white) for the entire website design… doing this, we create a specific color scheme and identity in the minds of our visitors.

The more your target customers remember your business, the more likely for them to want to finally take action and buy.



6. Your Marketing Strategy

This is another very important element to focus on when starting a business or already running a business and want to make more sales.

You need to understand everything about marketing and how to get your target customers to take action and buy because the sole aim of starting a business is to make sales as well as to solve a problem or give satisfaction to your target customers.

As you already know, every business wants to make more sales… so if you don’t have a marketing strategy for your business, then you need to start thinking otherwise if you want to increase your sales and work towards sustainability.

Having a marketing strategy basically means the strategies your business employs to make sales or the way you plan to sell your product(s) or service(s).

A good marketing strategy will help get your target customers interested in your offers and make them want to pay for your offer.

As a business owner, you need to have a marketing strategy that best suit your business and also have an identity in terms of how you market your products or services…

There are various marketing strategies to use but not all will work well for your business… so you need to find the best marketing strategy to use for your business that will help you make maximum sales and stick to it… just like the popular saying… don’t fix what is not broken… so if a particular marketing strategy works well for your business, focus on it and be consistent… that way, it becomes part of your brand identity.



7. Your Advertising Style

Your business needs to also have an advertising style… if you are used to the apple commercials or ads you will notice they always have the same style… same with other popular successful brands…

If you are using Facebook ads, you should have a particular style that reflects your business… either the type of images you use, your advert copy or your videos etc…

Same goes for your product commercials or explainer videos… you should always stick to a particular style and be consistent… this will really help add to your brand identity and also make your target customers have a better connection with your business which will greatly increase sales.

I am C. Nwoye, a next-generation digital content creator focusing on logo/visual identity designs and visual effects. My love for visual identity designs and digital content creation in general led me to startup Fusionx Planet, to help small business owners and people who want to start their own business achieve maximum success through our digital contents. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge and experiences… sharing everything that I’ve learnt in the past and everything that I will learn and discover to help you on your journey to achieving success. So I’ll like you to stick with me throughout this journey as we do everything possible to achieve our goals. You can also connect with me by checking out the social media icons.

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