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13 Bitter logo Design Mistakes That Prove Your Business Logo Is Bad


Most business owners and people who want to start up a business always neglect the logo design aspect and focus more on the products, equipment and other aspects of the business without first getting the right logo for their business.


They believe it’s the quality of the products or services that matter, forgetting that a logo is a very important element in a brand identity and helps in the overall success of a business…


Here are logo design mistakes and the reasons why your business logo is bad:


1. If Your Business logo Was Created By An Amateur


If your friend or relative who has little knowledge about logo design does you a favor by creating your business logo.

Also, there are lots of amateur logo designers out there who claim to be professionals and experts…

Most of them jumped into logo designing because their friends are logo designers and they think it’s cool to be a logo designer…

Some also dived into creating logos because they think it’s a good way to generate income, without having the skills or taking time to learn the skills required to create great and effective logos…

The sad news is that, if your business logo was created by an amateur and your business logo looks amateurish, your business will also look amateurish and people will perceive your business as low standard.

Ensure you don’t fall into the hands of an amateur logo designer.


2. If you are not a logo designer and you created your business logo yourself to save money


If you don’t have any logo design skills or knowledge and you created your business logo because you want to save money, 99.99% chances that your business logo is bad and ineffective.

Remember, your logo is your identity and you should always make sure your logo is created by a skilled logo designer and your logo looks very professional.


3. If Your Business logo Was Created using free and quick online logo creation tools

Most of these free online logo creation tools don’t give you the freedom to create proper and effective logos, they only allow you play around with prebuilt shapes and arts to create logos, which is a very bad way to create a professional and effective logo for any business that wants to achieve maximum success.

Your business logo should never be created using free and quick logo creation tool. A professional vector creation tools like Corel Draw or Adobe illustrator should be used.


4. If Your Business logo Was Created based on trends

Sometime ago, bevels and 3d-like logos were more prominent. But now, minimalistic logos has taken over. Most businesses had to change their logos to suit the current minimalistic style, some businesses had to even rebrand completely because their logo didn’t transition smoothly into the current minimalistic style.

If your business logo was created based on trends, it will be difficult to smoothly transition when that trend phases out.

That is why it is good to have a business logo that is timeless and can adapt to any situation and still remain great and effective by ignoring trends and latest design gimmicks.


5. If Your business logo Was Created with embedded design effects


A lot of amateur logo designers create logos with embedded effects like drop shadow, glows, swooshes, gradients because they feel the logo looks cool with the effects.

Having a logo with embedded design effects has so many disadvantages…

The main disadvantage is that your logo wouldn’t adapt well to various situations and might look totally different on certain backgrounds which will negatively affect the identity of your business.


6. If Your business logo Is raster Based


Raster images are basically photos or images that are based on actual pixels or created using a raster software. You can easily identify a raster image by looking very closely at it. A zoomed in raster image will show the individual pixels that make up the image…

Some bad logo designers use raster graphics software like Adobe Photoshop to create logos, which can only be saved as a bitmap which is based on pixels…

While a raster software like Photoshop can create very large bitmap sizes or image formats, you never know how large you will need your logo in future…

The main downside of having a raster image in your logo or having your logo created in a raster software is because it can cause issues with reproduction and scaling to large sizes…

If you scale up a raster logo or a logo with a raster image, it becomes pixelated and blurry, making it unusable in very large sizes.

As a business owner, you need to make sure that your logo is created as vector and it looks clear and sharp in all sizes.


7. If Your Logo Doesn’t Represent Your Business

If your logo doesn’t in any way represent your business, then it is a bad and ineffective logo.

The main problem of having a logo that doesn’t represent your business is that your target customers won’t subconsciously connect and relate to your business just by looking at your logo only.

If your target customers do not connect with your business, the lesser your sales.

Having a logo that portrays your business will make your target customers connect more with your business which helps increase your sales.

Remember, the more your target customers connect with your business, the greater the chances of making more sales.


8. If Your Business Logo Contains Stock Art


Stock arts are basically licensed arts or graphics found online.

This is a mistake made by some business owners who decide to create their own logo or by amateur logo designers who have no proper knowledge about copyright…

Downloading stock vector images from sites such as VectorStock isn’t a crime, but it can become a problem and can get you into trouble if it is used in your logo.

Another problem with using stock arts for your logo is that your business will not have a unique identity which is the main aim of a logo… Anyone can still make use of that same stock art or it is being used by someone else somewhere in the world.

Having a unique logo that portrays your business will give your business an identity and make you stand out.


9. If Your Business Logo is Too Complex


You might be wondering what makes a complex logo bad… in fact, your logo might be highly detailed and look really good on normal or large sizes… but it comes with its own problems…

A complex and highly detailed logo might look good on normal sizes and large sizes but all the details are lost in small sizes and it loses its identity.

Another problem with having a complex logo is that your target customers will now have more information to process and will be very difficult to memorize.

Having a logo that is simple just like the Fusionx Planet Logo means your logo will be memorable and your business identity will still be maintained even in very small sizes. Example of top brands with simple and memorable logos are Adidas, McDonald’s, Apple, Nike.


10. If Your Business Logo Relies On Color(s) For Its Identity


This mistake is very common and also a big problem for a lot of businesses…

Some logo designers cannot wait to add color(s) to a logo design and some even rely on it completely, especially using color as a separator of different elements in the design.

Having a logo that relies on its colors to have an identity is very bad and can become a huge problem when displayed or printed in white and black only, which will make the logo look completely different and lose its identity.

It is almost certain that you will need to display or print your business logo in only one color at some point…

So as a business owner, you should always make sure that your logo works well in various colors, shades, and intensities.


11. If Your Logo looks similar to an already existing logo of another business

This also is another big logo design mistake and it is getting common by the day.

Some amateur and lazy logo designers simply research online and try to create something similar to avoid the stress of thinking and cracking up the brain for ideas.

As shared in my previous posts, the whole purpose of a logo is to represent a business and to give a business an identity.

Having a logo that is similar to an already existing logo will defeat the whole idea of having a unique identity and it can negatively affect your business.

It is very important to make sure your logo looks as unique as possible… that way, the purpose of giving your business a unique identity is achieved.


12. If Your Business Logo uses The Wrong Font


This mistake is mostly done by amateurs and people without good design knowledge.

Different types of font can convey different emotional meaning. For example, the comic sans font can convey funny and unseriousness, and will not work well for a corporate business because it will simply make your target customers perceive your business as unserious.

The right font will match your logo and help convey the right emotional meaning and personality of your business.


13. If Your Business Logo Appeals To You Alone

Most business owners always want their logo designer to create a logo that matches his/her taste… which is not a good idea for any business that wants to be successful.

A logo is meant to appeal to the target customers and not the business owner.

Your main goal is to have a logo that is effective and appeals to your target customers. That way, they will easily connect with your logo and always remember your business.


And that’s a wrap…

I hope you got a lot of value from this and also learnt something useful to help give your business better identity.

Do remember to check out my next blog post for another amazing content to help you and your business achieve maximum success.





I am C. Nwoye, a next-generation digital content creator focusing on logo/visual identity designs and visual effects. My love for visual identity designs and digital content creation in general led me to startup Fusionx Planet, to help small business owners and people who want to start their own business achieve maximum success through our digital contents. The whole purpose of this blog is to share my knowledge and experiences… sharing everything that I’ve learnt in the past and everything that I will learn and discover to help you on your journey to achieving success. So I’ll like you to stick with me throughout this journey as we do everything possible to achieve our goals. You can also connect with me by checking out the social media icons.

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