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Hyping Vs Branding – Stop Hyping And Start Branding

Welcome to another exciting blog post. In today’s article, I will be sharing important reasons why you might be hyping yourself or your business thinking you are branding and also why you should stop hyping and start branding.   Hyping Vs Branding A lot of persons especially small business owners always associate the word hyping […]


13 Bitter logo Design Mistakes That Prove Your Business Logo Is Bad

Most business owners and people who want to start up a business always neglect the logo design aspect and focus more on the products, equipment and other aspects of the business without first getting the right logo for their business.   They believe it’s the quality of the products or services that matter, forgetting that […]


7-Core Brand Identity Elements You Should Never Neglect to Increase Your Sales

Welcome to our second blog post and the continuation of my previous post about the Super Power of Brand Identity and How it Can Help You Make More Sales. The previous post was mostly about the general understanding of brand identity and how it can greatly improve the way people perceive your business and help […]